The Board of Commissioners is the legislative branch of the Lehigh County government as defined in the Lehigh County Home Rule Charter.

The Home Rule Charter enumerates the powers and duties of the Commissioners.  There are 13 specific sub-paragraphs detailing these powers and duties.

The principal powers and duties include:

Enact and/or modify ordinances, resolutions, and bills that specify how the county government functions.

Levy taxes, assessments, and fees that serve to fund the operations of the county government.

Adopt and/or modify an administrative code for the organization and operation of the county government.

Make appropriations, incur indebtedness, and adopt a budget.  To learn more about the county finances and how your taxes support taxpayer services click here.

Establish or modify agencies of the county government.

Appoint or confirm certain officers or employees of the county.

Acquire property by eminent domain for necessary public purposes.