What is in the best interest and welfare of the citizens of Lehigh County?

This is the most important principle in consideration of actions to be taken on behalf of the citizens of the county.  This principle applies equally to all citizens without bias.  County government exists at the will of the people as a representative of the entire community to provide for the common good without malice or judgement.  It is meant to be a positive force for the improvement of quality of life in the county.

What is in the best interest and welfare of the taxpayers of Lehigh County?

Subordinate to the interest and welfare of the citizens of the county, consideration must be given to the ability of the community to provide the necessary resources to support any actions on its behalf.  The balance between the welfare of the citizens and the ability to supply the necessary resources is a delicate and complex one requiring the balancing of the competing forces of compassion and fiscal reality.

balancing competing interests with fairness

In no case of making governing decisions should either compassion for the welfare of the citizen or the reality of limited resources hold complete sway.  Each governing action requires careful consideration through weighing these competing forces and applying some degree of fairness of treatment.  There is no perfect balance.  Decisive actions may weigh on either side of the scale on any given issue at any given time.  To always insist on only one side of the equation for a solution is to fall prey to ideological purity.

applying common sense to decision making

The world of politics and governing has lost the capacity for common sense.  Rigid positions formed from ideological purity prevent clear observation and judging of issues.  Breaking through the crust of pure ideology is a requirement for well thought out and effective decision making.  I intend to bring common sense to all of my county decisions.