James Seward - President, Penn Stainless Products

"I have dealt with Bob on a professional business level for the past twenty five years and have found him to be a very competent and resourceful businessman. More importantly Bob is a man of impeccable integrity, you can take his word to the bank.  In my judgement he will be an asset and a fresh voice to the voters of Lehigh County."

Admiral joe sestak - former u.s. congressman from pennsyvania

"With Bob's business skills and proven ability to create manufacturing jobs in the Lehigh Valley, he will be an outstanding supporter of quality job growth as Lehigh County Commissioner.  In this age when manufacturing jobs are key to America's growth, Bob had the courage, along with his teams, to create two successful companies.  Both companies have had a stellar reputation for meeting all of their financial commitments, a testament to Bob's understanding of how to manage budgets and expenditures.  His common sense approach to solving real world problems is a resource sorely needed for effective governing.  Most importantly, Bob's record shows his character of accountability, knowing that it is actual deeds that matter, not just intentions.  And it is because Bob is a true leader with accountability that he has my strongest possible endorsement for the office of Lehigh County Commissioner." 

Thomas Muller, former Lehigh County Executive

"Bob Elbich is the person who the citizens of Commissioner District 1 need representing them and he has my unqualified endorsement.  His success as a businessman speaks for itself and he has shown his commitment to citizens via his active role in Weisenberg Township.  I know Bob will do his best to represent all of the citizens of his district, not just those of his party, and is committed to making our County a great place to live, work, and play and to achieve that goal with fiscal sanity."

Neil ettinger, esq. - solicitor, weisenberg twp. zoning hearing board

"I have worked with Bob Elbich in his role as chairman of the Weisenberg Township Zoning Hearing Board for the past twelve years.  Throughout our years working together, Bob has shown:

  • A passion for understanding his role as board member/chairman

  • A serious approach to the process of board functioning

  • True respect for and a willingness to work with applicants, attorneys, and objectors

  • A willingness to "dig deep" into the zoning ordinance and the municipalities planning code

  • The ability to transfer that knowledge to others he serves

His welcoming form of leadership has helped constituents feel confident with the process, and his temperament shows dedication to working with others to find solutions-all while displaying the integrity of office and respect for the township laws.  Bob's character and leadership will transfer well to his position as Lehigh County Commissioner."

Dan Hartzell - Lehigh County Commissioner

"With his experience starting and operating two successful, job-creating Lehigh Valley businesses, his many community-support activities, his commitment to municipal government through 15-plus years on the Weisenberg Zoning Board, and perhaps most importantly, his balanced, thoughtful approach to the many challenges facing Lehigh County government, Bob Elbich will make an excellent addition to the county Board of Commissioners. I believe his impressive resume will appeal to members of both major parties, as well as to independent voters."

Terry Faul, Esq. - King, Spry, Herman, Freund & Faul, LLC

“In working with Bob over the past 20 years in his capacity as the president of a profitable manufacturing company located in the Lehigh Valley, I was able to witness first hand his ability to get things done, resolve disputes, and move the business forward.  He can do the same for Lehigh County.”


Ken Baker - CEO Newage industries, inc.

“I have known Bob Elbich for overt 15 years and have found him to be a very good and fair businessman who has his community and our environment in mind as he built his businesses.  Examples of this, when it was time for Bob to sell his company, he passed it on to his partners who were his former employees and he installed solar arrays to generate renewable energy. I endorse Bob for Lehigh County Commissioner"